Thursday, February 10, 2005

AToday Article

Adventist Today is, perhaps, the best source for news and opinion related to Adventist Church Structure in North America. Recently, I found two articles that might be of interest to you.

One article of interest is a recent feature on Ron Gladden's Mission Catalyst Network. I have found it to be very balanced and level-headed. At the end of the article, it raises the possibility that the Adventist Church will need to restructure if MCN churches are successful at growing and remaining faithful to the message.

The other article of interest is a news feature concerning tithe distribution in the Minnesota Conference. In preparation for an upcoming Constituency meeting, a pastor has sent a proposal to the conference to change the way tithe is used, accepted, and distributed. It is not mentioned in the article, but I have recently received word that the pastor who sent the proposal has had his job threatened.

It seems that even bringing up the subject of change through the proper channels is now cause for dismissal. Truly, there is no vehicle for progress or change within the Adventist Church. If we are unwilling to change and adopt an effective structure, I believe God will take the message and blessing that he has entrusted to us and give it to others instead. Jesus said, "If these remain silent, even the rocks would cry out." We must not let (percieved) remnant status become an excuse for complacency.