Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bleeding our Best

One has to wonder what is going on in the Mid-America Union Conference. I have recently received word that four MAUC employees have taken (or are taking) other calls. Recently, Doug Kilcher (by all accounts, one of our most effective employees since the Sandefur administration), Gary Brady (very effective in church revitalization), and Ryan Teller have taken calls to the Texas Conference. Hans Olson is also quitting the job for something back East.

Now, there is nothing abnormal about Union officials taking other calls. I happens all the time. But rarely (read "never") have I seen them move downward in church hierarchy. Some may move laterally to another Union. Others are trying to claw their way up the chain of command into Division or GC roles. But moving down the chain of command is unheard of.

And I am also interested in the whole block moving to Texas within a very short time span.

I would like to propose several thoughts to make sense of such voluntary "demotion."

1. All of these men are thinking individuals.
2. All of these men are willing to be practical, only doing the things that work.
3. All these men know that all power for real change is in a Local Conference setting.
4. Texas has shown real leadership in spirituality and church planting over the last year.
5. All of these men would rather do whatever God wants them to do, instead of clambering for "promotions."
6. The MAUC is notorious for squashing non-conformist thoughts and initiatives.
7. The MAUC is more interested in maintaining status quo than preparing the world for Jesus' soon return.
8. Real leadership is not valued under the current MAUC administration.

And so we bleed our best. For why would the best want to stay in such an environment?