Monday, June 20, 2005

A Different Perspective

The people at Former Adventist Fellowship Forum claim they have seen through Ron Gladden and his Mission Catalyst Network. They have done the analysis - looked at the requirements that pastors sign off on the SDA Fundamental Beliefs on a yearly basis, seen how MCN uses the writings of Ellen G. White, see how MCN is still teaching soul-sleep, annihilationism, and the Sabbath - and they have concluded...


While some within the organized church are howling that MCN might not be doctrinally pure, those outside the church are howling because it's just what it claims to be: "Same Cart, New Wheels"

In fact, many of them have insinuated that all of this is just a clever ploy to reach more of the world with the exact same Seventh-day Adventist message! One decried how MCN is just going to be another way "to attract members to the SDA church and its beliefs."

Maybe this woman's sentiment sums it up best: "The bottom line is that they still will believe the 27 fundamental beliefs." And if you don't think that's enough, try reading Project Sunlight again.